Apply for your Visa to Europe to work, study, reside, invest, tourism, to reunite with a family member. We help you with total guarantee.

We help you with the advice and processing of all types of Residency by Roots, Family Reunification, Community Cards, Renewals and Spanish Nationality.

We urgently assist you in the management of legalizations and apostilles of all types of documents.

There are numerous legal procedures that require a sworn translation. Our team of native translators offers sworn translation in various languages.

We collect your University Degree and Academic Certificate from any Spanish University for use abroad. We deliver it to you anywhere in the world.

We offer employment opportunities in all professional sectors to regularize your legal situation in Spain and search for qualified personnel for companies.

Gestión Global offers you a fast, secure and convenient National and International Document Shipping Service. Don't leave home, we'll do it for you!

We advise you at a personal and professional level for all types of financial procedures that you need to carry out in Spain: Bank accounts, investments, loans and more...

Somos la Solución a cualquier Trámite de Extranjería​

Servicios de consultoría en inmigración y naturalización a nivel global. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarte a navegar por los complejos procesos de inmigración y conseguir los resultados deseados de forma eficiente.

What can we do for you?

Gestión Global was founded in 2008 due to the great demand from foreign residents in Spain who need to request legalized and/or apostilled documents from their country of origin to obtain legal residence, nationality, marriage, common-law partnership, continue their studies or to solve any legal and administrative problem. Our motto is our main objective:

"We have a solution for any management".

With more than 16 years of experience in the immigration procedures sector, we offer a wide range of immigration services. We are constantly growing and we want our clients to find their administrative needs covered in one place. For this reason, we have commercial collaboration agreements with Immigration Law Firms, Administrative Agencies, International Collaborators, Money Sending Companies, Logistics, National and International Courier Services, Financial Institutions and Banks. We are a different, dynamic company with extensive experience in dealing with the immigrant community.

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Con más de 16 años de experiencia en el sector de trámites de extranjería, ofrecemos una amplia gama de servicios de extranjería, incluyendo:

Asesoramiento personalizado

Te ayudaremos a entender la normativa y legislación vigente y te guiaremos en cada paso del proceso.

Gestión de Trámites

Nos encargamos de la presentación de solicitudes, documentación y seguimiento de cada uno de los expedientes que nos solicitas.

Representación Legal

Te defenderemos en caso de que tengas problemas con tu expediente de extranjería.

Recursos Administrativos

Te ayudaremos a interponer recursos contra las resoluciones denegatorias.

Document Procedures
Hague Apostille
Sending Documents

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We are a market-leading, nationally-recognised firm for all your legal needs. Providing customer centric advice to corporations and individuals

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